Professional Nurses and Caregivers

The professional nursing team are lead by 2 registered nurse with 20 years of local and international nursing experience.

24/7 High Security

Control access doors & CCTV monitoring

24/7 Professional Baby Care

24 hours exclusive baby care with daily note recording

Professional Postpartum Care

We will assess and observe mummies’ vital signs, postpartum bleeding, wound, and emotional status. 

5 Nutritious Meals

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning tea & supper prepared fresh daily. Vegetarian and halal are available too.

Free Flow of Nutritious Drink

Different confinement drinks prepared to supplement various nutrients for mothers.

(Codonopsis pilosula, Brown rice tea, ginger tea, lemongrass, Red date tea)

Clean environment

Strict protection. Weekly use of UV Ray sterilization

Workshop and Classes

Baby Care, Breastfeeding, New mom support group, etc.

Laundry Services

Daily housekeeping & laundry for mother and baby

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